Baseball P.O.P.S.T.A.R.

Baseball Pitch Optimization Project (P.O.P.) Statistical Tool for Advanced Research (S.T.A.R.)

Baseball POP is powered by our proprietary Pitch Optimization Project Statistical Tool for Advanced Research; or “POPSTAR”.

The Database

POPSTAR uses a proprietary database of pitch-by-pitch data going back multiple years, which provides the raw data for our advanced algorithms and analytics to reach higher-level insights. For each pitch, we also have more than 2 dozen unique data points that tell us something different about that pitch and the context it was thrown in.

The Algorithms

We’ve built a set of algorithms that grind through the millions of data points in the POPSTAR database to identify insight amongst distraction. Using benchmarks, longitudinal analysis, and other advanced analytics techniques, we can create tools and learnings that are hidden in regular observation of the game or most other advanced analytics tools today. We can do this because most tools today are focused on events and aggregations, while POPSTAR is focused on sequences and the affects between discrete events.

The Visualizations

POPSTAR is also integrated with Tableau, which allows us to communicate our findings visually and interactively. We are trying to go beyond the flat display of numbers in two-dimensional tables to give our users a more immersive, detailed, and focused exploration of what’s really happening in the game.

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